The following statements are actual written testaments from our Persian kitten buyers. In respect for their privacy, last names are not used. Contact: smdaniel@juno.com

Thank you Susan, it was a pleasure for me to deal with you. ... You were always so honest and kind with me about all. Wish I could find in my breeder life more persons like you are. I really appreciate your work. ...
Susana, Portugal
... I honestly did not think any breeder would seriously replace a kitty in event of death. John and I were stunned when you gave us another kitten after my vet over anesthetized our beloved boy during neutering. Our grief was so profound. I shared it without expecting anything. That was 19 years ago. Now our replacement Izzo has passed due to an age related problem. Again, a new baby boy. So grateful...
John and Larry, Wisconsin, USA
Absolutely gorgeous and tremendously healthy cats. I have purchased two show kittens from Byhishands and have had nothing but good experiences in my dealing with Susan Daniels. The cats have been received in beautiful condition and have been nothing but healthy, genetically sound, and with wonderful temperaments. I have, in fact, referred many of my clients to her for this reason, and they have been extremely pleased with their pet kittens. Susan has been nothing but up front, professional, and extremely helpful throughout our dealings. I was fairly new to the cat fancy when I first met Susan. She has been very instrumental in getting my breeding program off to an excellent start. I hope our professional relationship will last for a long time. Kudos to you Susan for producing such wonderful cats, and for helping us new people in the fancy!
Jennifer McAvoy, DVM (Emptynest Persians)
Dear Susan.
Thank you so much for our beautiful girl! We love her and will spoil her!
Gary and Sherly, Texas, USA
Hi Susan.
... He is a big beautiful and healthy boy, in good condition.
Susanne, Denmark
Thank you so much. I am very happy with her and think she will make a nice addition. She is cute as a button. Love her short tail ... beautiful as always your cats are.
Carment, Florida, USA
Ezza and Billie have safely arrived. Both of them are with me right now. Billie is really gorgeous!! I just can't believe that he is now 6 months old. He is huge!! And his coat is wonderful. I am speechless to see them both.
Dr. Moonza, Indonesia
We are back with Lou Lou. It is all ok! She is gorgeous!!
Melanie, Germany
My girl is in my house in my bed. Please do not worry ... in my hands. All is good. I love this girl! Many Thanks!
Marina, Russia
These two cats are the world to me. I have been around Persian cats all my life and never seen any this gorgeous and personable. They are family members and my vet marvels at their health. Thanks
Bran, Pennsylvania, USA
We took Elly to the vet today and she passed her checkup with flying colors. ... He said she was a beautiful kitten and we totally agree. Thanks for trusting her with us. We love her so much.
Lucia, Virginia, USA
The little guy is here. ... He is beautiful Susan!!! Very solid boy too!!
Kristi, Kentucky, USA
I'm so lucky to get her to be mind. ... She is incredible and I hope I can make her so comfortable in my home with my family. And I will be showing her in October. ...
Rien, Indonesia
... Arrived last night safe and sound. She is a real doll and I adore her. I settled her in last night and we spent some quality cuddle time. ... I love her Susan. She is a real living doll. Thanks so much.
Karen, Canada
I have no words to thank you for all you have done. Aslan is being waited on and is very welcome...
Denis, Brazil
Our baby just arrived at the terminal and we can't wait to get her home. You were right. She is absolutely magnificent. Purring constantly after that long trip. Amazing. Thanks.
John and Chrisianetta, Oklahoma, USA
He is perfect in every way. I will always be grateful you gave me a chance with him. It was so nice to wake up to the baby doll he is! When he looks at you it just melts your heart.
Nancy and John, Pennsylvania, USA
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